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Port Authority

The Port Authority, chartered in 1972, is responsible for encouraging river related development in Jefferson County, Missouri.  The Port Authority is a political subdivision of Missouri State Government and can provide financial assistance to interested and eligible firms through the issuance of revenue bonds.  For the past four years, the Port Authority has been participating in a feasibility study for the development of public access port facilities along the Mississippi River in Jefferson County.  After the completion of the Feasibility Study, the Authority funded a Master Plan for the development of three port facilities in Jefferson County.  These facilities are located in Pevely, Herculaneum and Crystal City.  The Master Plan was completed in March of 2011 and the final component, a Transportation Corridor Study was undertaken.  While the final Corridor Study has yet to be received, a draft report was delivered in 2011.  Based upon these documents, the Port Authority has elected to move forward from the study phase to the implementation phase of the Port Projects.

The economic benefit of development and operation of the three port facilities is as follows:

  1. The estimated range of investment to fully develop all three sites is approximately $437 million dollars. 
  2. This level of investment will result in $1.68 to $2.0 billion dollars in added economic activity in Jefferson County that would accrue over the lifespan of the entire construction period. 
  3. After construction is complete, the combined port facilities would support $225-$267 million dollars in annual additional economic activity. 
  4. The Port Project would generate up to 7,800 full time jobs in Jefferson County with average annual wager per job of $32,700 ($15.72 per hour.) 
  5. Total build out of this project is demand driven and could extend over a fifteen to thirty year period. 

The Jefferson County Port Project is projected to be the largest single economic development project in the history of Jefferson County.  It represents the key to the economic future of Jefferson County.


The Jefferson County Port Authority has it's own website that includes the Feasibility Study and the Master Plan. 

  Click here for the Port website.